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1. “Cookies” are small pieces of information between a web server and a web browser, which enable the server to collect information from the browser. We may use cookies to enable us to provide the mechanisms for online browsing and to monitor traffic to our website. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

2. Our website does not automatically capture or store personal data from visitors to the site, other than to log the user’s IP address and session information. This information is used only for the administration of the site and in the compilation of aggregated statistics to measure the use of this site.

3. Our website utilises cookies. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to our server and provide us with non-personal statistical information about what you do on our website. You will probably be offered the opportunity to set your computer to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. If you refuse a cookie it may prevent the proper operation of our site for you. By continuing to use this web site, you accept that cookies will be used.

Cookie Lifespan Purpose
catAccCookies 1 month Used to record that the user consents to accept cookies.
_ga 2 years Used by Google to distinguish unique users for measuring website usage.
_gat_gtag 24 hours Used by Google to set the identification code of website for tracking visits.
_gid 24 hours Used by Google to identify if a user returns within 24 hours of their first view.
_wpfuuid Persistent Used to enable our contact form to function correctly. Does not contain any personal information or entry details.
PHPSESSID Until browser is closed

Identifies the start of a session on our secure payment page and is used to maintain user session variables. No information is stored in the user's browser and the cookie can only be used by the current web site.

4. This privacy policy applies only to this web site. It does not cover any links within the site linking to other web sites and Falcon Coaches Limited is not responsible for the privacy and security of these sites.

First Party Cookies

Status Name Lifespan Purpose
Essential _gdpr Up to 2 years. Set once consent is given. Can be unset using button disable cookies. To process a user's choice in relation to GDPR.
Non-essential Tracking Usability _ap Up to 2 years. If _gdpr cookies consent is not yet given, this will only be set until you close your browser or navigate away from the website. Unique Tracking Session ID - Apsowebly built in website performance module.
Non-essential Tracking Usability _v Until you close your browser or navigate away from the website. Page load ID - Apsowebly built in website performance functionality.

Third Party Cookies - Google Analytics (GA)

Status Name Lifespan Purpose
Non-essential Analytics - performance






Length of the session - 2 years. We do not restrict these cookies by default. You can learn how to restrict GA cookies here. Used to gather information in Google Analytics software about sessin on our website. Our performance statistics are only analysed internally and used ananymously to remarket/advertise our website(s) and to monitor service performance.
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